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CrossFit has been one of the biggest, if not, the biggest craze in the world of fitness. It started as a California-based workout program that involved interval training with Olympic weightlifting. It is a type of strength and conditioning training that requires you to use your own bodyweight for resistance to build power. Most CrossFit workouts do not even need any equipment, although some people choose to use weights to perform precise movements. These exercises promise to keep people in the best shape of their lives, build muscle faster and promote better recovery. Here are some of the other benefits of CrossFit.


Improved Heart Health

CrossFit workouts elevate your heart rate throughout which increases your endurance. The American Council on Exercise performed a study, and the data showed that the heart rates of the participants elevated to ninety percent of their maximum heart rate and this lasted through two CrossFit workouts. A heart rate maximum between 64 to 94 percent helps to improve cardio endurance according to fitness industry guidelines. Industry guidelines also suggest that 40 to 85 percent of VO2max (amount of oxygen a person can utilize during intense exercise) helps to improve cardio fitness and body composition.


Joint Mobility

There are many varied functional movements involved in CrossFit workouts. For example, you won’t just do simple bicep curls; you will also be moving your limbs in all different directions. These functional movements will help you increase your joint mobility. CrossFit will also require you to learn the proper ways to lift heavy things which will decrease your risk of injury in everyday life significantly. The increased mobility will also combat aging bones and muscles.


You Build Strong Relationships

Most gyms are merely a collection of people who focus on themselves and their workouts. However, at a CrossFit box (the term for a CrossFit gym), you are part of a community. Everyone involved is there to encourage you and motivate you to push past your boundaries. As long as you are willing to put in the work, you will receive recognition even if you finish the workout last. Everyone in the gym has the same goal of getting in the best shape possible. So you will all have that common goal and will look to help each other achieve that goal. Doing so will help you build strong connections even outside of the gym. The added camaraderie that comes with CrossFit aids in what makes the workout experience so unique.