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British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. It is full of amazing views and landscapes. The province is also home to a bevy of beautiful waterfalls. Many of these waterfalls are a mere day trip away, and there are others that may be worth a weekend camping trip so that you have the time to really take in all of the beauty. So, whether you are traveling from outside of Canada or you are a local to the area, you will not be disappointed if you plan your next road trip to enjoy the natural energy surrounding these wonderful waterfalls.


Helmcken Falls – Wells Gray Provincial Park

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in British Columbia is about a five and a half hour drive from Vancouver. There are so many spots with great views of the waterfalls, and you can even enjoy many hikes close to the base of the Waterfall if you are hoping for a closer look.


Shannon Falls- Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Shannon Falls is the third largest waterfall in British Columbia is just under a one hour drive from Vancouver. The falls crash down onto some of the beautiful granite and into Howe Sound which is about 2 kilometers outside of Squamish. This is a very popular waterfall which is why it is recommended to visit it during the week so that you can experience the beauty with fewer people around.


Bridal Veil Falls – Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

The Bridal Veil Falls certainly live up to their name. The water glides over the rocks creating a wide veil-like stream which is located just outside of Chilliwack, an hour and a half drive from Vancouver. These falls are quite picturesque and can also be seen after a fifteen-minute hike from the parking lot and the peak of Mount Cheam. Due to the location of the falls, you will find a great hike with amazing views making it more than worth the trip.


Cascade Falls – Cascade Falls National Park

Traveling to Cascade Falls is another short drive, only this time you will be heading east towards Mission. The national park also includes a short thirty-minute walk, after which you can view the falls from a suspension bridge. The nearby wooden platform allows for the closest view of the waterfalls and the mist that lands on your face will make the trip worthwhile.