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Cooking is a passion for many people. Finding gifts for those with a passion for their hobbies can sometimes be quite frustrating. However – these five gifts are sure to bring a happy hum as they prepare their next dish:

  1. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

People seem to love the edges or corner pieces of brownies. The reason is the chewy texture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bake a whole pan of corners? Now, it’s easy with this pan. Simply fill with brownie mix. The unique design allows even cooking and produces a whole pan full of chewy-edged brownies.

  1. Zyliss Salad Spinner

Few things are more annoying than a taco salad with water in the bottom of the shell bowl. Prevent soggy salads by using this salad spinner. The pull cord action sends salad greens spinning in the bowl while water is dispelled through the vents. Salad greens will be dry and ready to dress.

  1. Idevices Igrill

Play hostess instead of cook by syncing the phone to the oven. The Igrill monitors the temperature of meats in the oven and sends them to a synced phone. A message will show on the phone when the food is ready. The cook’s phone must be within the 200-ft range – perfect for socializing on the patio or pool deck while dinner cooks.

  1. Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat

Who wants to smudge grease around a baking pan with their fingers to prevent sticking? This non-stick baking mat is made of fiberglass and then coated with food-grade silicone. Simply place the mat into the pan. Place cookie dough or other goodies on the sheet. The mat is oven-safe up to 480 degrees. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

  1. Beaba Babycook

Fruits, vegetables and even meats can be steamed in this babyfood maker for healthy meals. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare foods for baby. The machine will puree prepared foods to the right consistency for baby. Use up fresh fruit by making several batches of pears or applesauce at one time. Freeze it for later use. The machine has a defrost and warm setting to quickly and safely thaw those frozen meals. Foods prepared at home hold their vitamins longer. This is a safe and healthy way to feed baby