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The easiest way to improve a golf score is by being sure to swing the club properly. Even the smallest weakness in mechanics can cause the ball to slice one way, or hook another. With the right clubs and determination for each shot, the swing will be better, game more enjoyable, and score lower. Here’s three ways to improve a golf swing right away.


1) Keeping the Hands Low

If the height of the follow through is limited, the height of the shot is limited. Therefore, if hands are kept low, the shot is kept low.

Keeping hands low on the club is the most reliable and consistent way to keep the shot low. Some opt to get a more powerful club, or simply swing more smoothly. Keeping the hands low is far more effective, though, and should be done through the finish.


2) The Right-Sized Clubs

Choosing clubs that are the right size is essential to having success in golf. To find clubs that are the right size, choose ones that are the length of your fingertips to the ground when your arms are hanging down. Take some practice swings to make sure they feel right. By just having the right-sized clubs, you can make a better connection with the ball which will instantly improve accuracy on shots of all lengths.


3) Relax and Focus

Stepping up to the tee can bring up nerves before the shot – even if it’s a friendly game with friends or co-workers. By taking a deep breath, focusing on the shot, and remaining calm – swings can be improved tenfold. When a golfer tries to swing as hard as they can, they usually sacrifice their mechanics and end up taking a bad shot. By using proper form and staying calm, shots are more accurate.

Once there’s progress in using this calm and accurate approach, you can slowly implement more power. It’s important to make sure the mechanics aren’t ruined just to get more power, though.


4) Start Getting that Power

To start implementing the power in tip three, make use of the body. To drive the ball effectively, golfers need to make use of their entire body, not just the arms.

To do this, during the downswing, turn your body fully through the ball. This technique will allow you to harness the power from your body during the swing, driving the ball deeper.